Acylophorus densipennis

Janák, Jiří, 2018, Revision of the genus Acylophorus Nordmann, 1837 from Madagascar and Mascarene Islands (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae: Acylophorina), Zootaxa 4462 (2), pp. 151-191: 153

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Acylophorus densipennis


Acylophorus densipennis   group ( Lott 2010)

Diagnosis. Disc of pronotum glabrous except for a pair of setae; pubescence on head restricted to small area behind eyes; apex of styles at tip of abdomen covered by bristles and more or less invisible ( Fig. 30 View FIGURES 22–30 in Lott 2010). Pronotum covered by microsculpture consisting of dense micro-punctures visible at 40x magnification. Head with pigmented area beyond insertion of head and two pairs of interocular setae present. Only last segment of maxillary palpi pubescent, penultimate segment glabrous. Meso- and metatarsi with long empodial setae ( Figs. 9, 10 View FIGURES 9–17 ).

The group contains 12 species from continental sub-Saharan Africa and one following species from Madagascar.