Diproctophyllodes Atyeo and Gaud, 1968

Mironov, Sergey V., Literak, Ivan, Sychra, Oldrich & Capek, Miroslav, 2017, Feather mites of the subfamily Proctophyllodinae (Acari: Proctophyllodidae) from passerines (Aves: Passeriformes) in Costa Rica, Zootaxa 4297 (1), pp. 1-105 : 80

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Diproctophyllodes Atyeo and Gaud, 1968


Genus Diproctophyllodes Atyeo and Gaud, 1968

Type species: Proctophyllodes (Alloptes) dielytra Trouessart, 1885 , by original designation.

The genus Diproctophyllodes was established by Atyeo and Gaud (1968) and includes two species, Diproctophyllodes dielytra ( Trouessart, 1885) and D. oxyrunci Atyeo and Gaud, 1968 , associated with suboscine passerines of the families Pipridae and Tityridae , respectively ( Table 1). This genus is close to Nycteridocaulus , but is readily differentiated from that genus by the males having hypertrophied legs III and extremely long opisthosomal lobes that make up nearly half the length of hysterosoma.