Acrochordonoposthia ophiocephala Reisinger, 1924

Houben, Albrecht M., Proesmans, Willem, Bert, Wim & Artois, Tom J., 2014, Revision of Acrochordonoposthia Reisinger, 1924 (Rhabditophora, Typhloplanidae, Protoplanellinae) with the description of one new species, Zootaxa 3790 (1) : -

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Acrochordonoposthia ophiocephala Reisinger, 1924


Acrochordonoposthia ophiocephala Reisinger, 1924

Known literature. Acrochordonoposthia ophiocephala Reisinger (1924 a) : 77

Known distribution. Widespread in Styria, Austria ( Reisinger 1924 a)

Material. None

Remarks. According to the original description, the animals are about 0.9 mm long. The head is clearly separated from the rest of the body and resembles a lizard’s or snake’s head. The testes appear as elongated organs, which run from about two-thirds of the body length forward. The copulatory organ has a wide bulbous part and a distinctly cylindrical pouch. The cirrus is a little wider than that of A. conica , and it is lined with sclerotized warts. A single, large prostate gland is located on each side of the copulatory organ, giving the prostate vesicle the appearance of two egg-shaped balls. Bursa, female duct and seminal receptacle have the same general morphology as in A. conica .