Malacosoma franconicum

Zolotuhin, Vadim V. & Zahiri, Reza, 2008, The Lasiocampidae of Iran (Lepidoptera), Zootaxa 1791, pp. 1-52: 16-17

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Malacosoma franconicum


* Malacosoma franconicum   ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

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Bombyx franconica   [Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775, Ankündung Syst. Werkes Schmett. Wienergegend: 57. TL: [ Germany] Frankfurt. Types: none.

Distribution (Map 12): steppes of Europe, northern Kasakhstan, Caucasus, northern Turkey. - In Iran: Mazandaran province.

MAP 12. Malacosoma franconicum   ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775.

Bionomics. The species is univoltine throughout its range. Flight period July. Inhabits mid to high altitudes in Iran from 2000 to 3100 m; more typical of dry meadow biotopes. Larvae are polyphagous and recorded in Europe from grasses ( Poaceae   ), Artemisia   spp   ., Achillea   spp   . ( Asteraceae   ), Rumex   spp   . ( Polygonaceae   ). Pupation in silky cocoon with yellowish powder, on the food plants and under stones. Eggs hibernate. Males are dirunal and do not come light, and therefore the species is rare in collections. The species is noted from Iran for the first time.

Material Examined: 1 male, Iran, Ostan Mazandaran, Resteh ( SMK); 1 female, Ye Alborz, Alika, 2800– 2900 m, 13–17.VII 1977, leg. W. Blom ( SMK); 2 females, N-Iran, Pr. Mazandaran, Elburs mts. (Alborz), 20 km N Kendevan-Tun, 2800–3100 m, 19.VII 1979, leg. C. Naumann ( SMK); 1 female, Iran, Elburs, Ditzin, ca 2000 m, VII 1976, leg. Weiss ( SMK); 4 females, N-Iran, Pr. Mazandaran, Elburs Mts., 20 km N Kendevan- Tun, 2800–3100 m, 19.VII 1979, leg. C. Naumann (MWM).


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