Ceratophysella glancei, Hammer, 1953: 18

Stebaeva, Sophya, Lonsdale, Owen & Babenko, Anatoly, 2016, Catalogue of type materials of springtails (Hexapoda, Collembola) in the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids & Nematodes, Zootaxa 4088 (3), pp. 429-437: 431

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.267103

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Ceratophysella glancei


glancei Hammer, 1953: 18   . Ceratophysella   .

Syntypes: 4 (slide) Canada. [Nunavut], Coppermine [=Kugluktuk, mouth of Coppermine River], 205, [29.vii.–1.viii.] 1948, [luxuriant vegetation of Salix reticulata   , Dryas integrifolia, Lupinus   arcticus   , Luzula nivalis   , much moss in scattered low willow shrubs, moist], M. Hammer (CNC 165042, Type No.18187).