Javatrombium HAITLINGER 2009

Aitlinger, 2013, A new larval trombidiid, Sicilitrombium albanesianum nov. gen., nov. sp. (Acari: Prostigmata: Trombidiidae) from Sicily, Italy, with notes on Arknotrombium HAITLINGER 2007 and Javatrombium HAITLINGER 2009, Linzer biologische Beiträge 45 (2), pp. 1997-2004 : 2002

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Javatrombium HAITLINGER 2009


Javatrombium HAITLINGER 2009  

This genus was erected for Javatrombium   sulawesiense from Sulawesi, Indonesia ( HAITLINGER 2009).

Corrected setal formula. Leg I: Ta 1, 1. 1, 15B; Ti 2, 6B; Ge 2$, 1#, 4B; Fe 6B; Tr 1B; Cx 2 (N, B).

Leg II: 1, 1, 10B; Ti 2, 5B; Ge 1$, 1#, 2B; Fe 5B; Tr 1B; Cx 1B.

Leg III: Ta 11B; Ti 5B; Ge 1$, 2B; Fe 4B; Tr 1B; Cx 1B.

Moreover, palptarsus with 6 setae (1, 5N); one seta is relatively long.

This genus was mistakenly placed in the family Trombidiidae   . SABOORI et al. (2010) gave a key and setation patterns of Trombidioidea. Javatrombium   has femur I with 6 setae, genu II and III with 2 normal setae, femur II with 5 setae and microseta # present on genu II. Based on these features Javatrombium   must be transferred to the family Microtrombidiidae   .