Schejter, L., Genzano, G., Pérez, C. D., Acuña, F., Cordeiro, R. T. S., Silva, R. A., Garese, A. & Bremec, C. S., 2020, Checklist of Benthic Cnidaria in the SW Atlantic Ocean (54 ºS- 56 ºS), Zootaxa 4878 (2), pp. 201-239: 221

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Nidalia   sp.

Material examined: BBB 2016: St. 16.

Remarks: The genus has been reported in the Indian Ocean, Western Atlantic, and Western Pacific ( Pérez et al. 2011), but there were no records until present in subantarctic waters. The previous bathymetric records of the genus reached 549 m depths ( N. dissidens in Strait   of Florida). Herein, 1000 m represents the new lower depth for the genus. Pérez et al. (2011) cited N. occidentalis   (mushroom-shaped polyparium and without sclerites in the introvert) and Nidalia   sp. for Brazilian coast. Using the key to the genus of Verseveldt & Bayer (1988), our specimen would fit N. simpsoni   , but our morphotype has fewer rows of crown spindles (10–14 to 15–20 in N. simpsoni   ), more spindles at the points (10–19 to 6–10) and points not in chevron. In addition, N. simpsoni   was described from Indonesian Archipelago and Palau Islands. Our specimen has a torch-like capitulum and introvert with numerous small dumbbells as Nidalia   sp. sensu Pérez et al. (2011), but differs in having fewer rows of crown spindles (10–14 to 18), more spindles per point (10–19 to 6–8) and smaller spindles from crown and stalk. Herein, we consider it a possible new species.