Balticina africana (Studer, 1878)

Schejter, L., Genzano, G., Pérez, C. D., Acuña, F., Cordeiro, R. T. S., Silva, R. A., Garese, A. & Bremec, C. S., 2020, Checklist of Benthic Cnidaria in the SW Atlantic Ocean (54 ºS- 56 ºS), Zootaxa 4878 (2), pp. 201-239: 226

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Balticina africana (Studer, 1878)


Balticina africana (Studer, 1878)  

Material examined: BBB 2016: St. 13. PD BB 2017: St. 31 (MACN-In 43489).

Distribution: Atlantic coast of Africa as Halipteris africana   (459– 659 m) ( Williams 1990); San Antonio Cape, Buenos Aires coast, 38°06 ìS 55°13 ìW as Balticina   sp. (440– 480 m) ( Castro 1990); deep waters of SWAtlantic Ocean, Burdwood bank as Halipteris africana   (641–701 m) (see Schejter et al. 2018).

Remarks: Synonyms at the area: Balticina   sp. ( Castro 1990); Halipteris   sp. ( Schejter et al. 2018, p. 294); Halipteris heptazooidea Acuña & Zamponi, 1992   and Halipteris africana (Studer, 1878)   (see Schejter et al. 2018, p. 297–298). One specimen of B. africana   (St. 13) presented the sea anemone Hormathia pectinata   fixed over the naked axis at the top end of the colony ( Schejter et al. 2018).


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