Pristomerus yago Rousse, Villemant & Seyrig, 2013

Rousse, Pascal & Noort, Simon van, 2015, Revision of the Afrotropical species of Pristomerus (Ichneumonidae: Cremastinae), with descriptions of 31 new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 124, pp. 1-129 : 113-114

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Pristomerus yago Rousse, Villemant & Seyrig, 2013


Pristomerus yago Rousse, Villemant & Seyrig, 2013

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Diagnosis (range of variation from Rousse et al. 2013)

Moderately sized; yellowish-orange overall, with flagellum, ovipositor sheath and tergites 1–2 black; head distinctly transverse; face moderately punctate; inner margins of eyes subparallel; clypeus transverse, sparsely and shallowly punctate; malar line moderately short; frons finely transversely striate; remainder of head coriaceous; occipital carina joining hypostomal carina at mandible base; antenna with 32–34 flagellomeres, penultimate flagellomere quadrate; pronotum, mesopleuron and metapleuron moderately to densely punctate with pronotum mid-dorsally and speculum entirely smooth; mesoscutum coriaceous, without puncture, posteriorly smoother; scutellum quite smooth; propodeum with carination strong, area superomedia stout; female femoral tooth strong and acute, distinctly higher than basally wide, followed by distinct denticles; ovipositor moderately long, apically sinuous. B 6.4–8.5; A 4.9–6.2; F 4.1–5.5; CT 1.8; ML 0.5; POL 0.8; OOL 1.2; Fl n–1 1.0; ASM 1.5; OT 1.5–1.7; FFT 2. Male with inner margins of eyes diverging ventrally, ocelli enlarged with posterior ocellus very close to eye margin, metasoma entirely blackened. POL 1.0; OOL 0.2.

Differential diagnosis

Moderately sized, mostly yellowish-orange with basal tergites mostly black; differentiated from all other Afrotropical Pristomerus species by the combination of the transverse head, the hardly sculptured mesonotum and the strong femoral tooth.

Material examined


MADAGASCAR: ♀, “ MADAGASCAR, Rogez , forêt côte est, II.31, EY 0000003753” ( MNHN).




France, Paris, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle