Crocidura Waldemarii Peters, 1870,

Turni, Hendrik, Hutterer, Rainer & Asher, Robert, 2007, Type specimens of “ insectivoran ” mammals at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Zootaxa 1470, pp. 1-33: 26

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Crocidura Waldemarii Peters, 1870


Crocidura Waldemarii Peters, 1870 

Peters, W.C.H. (1870) Ü ber neue Arten von Spitzmãusen des Königl. Zoologischen Museums aus Ceylon, Malacca, Borneo, China, Luzon und Ostafrika. Monatsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1870: 590 [584–596].

Valid name: Suncus murinus Linnaeus, 1766 

Holotype: ZMB 662, adult female, skin, skull. Collected by Prince Waldemar of Prussia from “ Bengalen ” ( India) between 1844 and 1846.

Comments: This specimen had not previously been identified as a type in the collection; it is however the only registered soricid specimen collected by Prince Waldemar of Prussia during an expedition to India 1844– 1846. Peters (1870) observed a single specimen.


Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Zoological Collections)