Scalops latimanus Bachman, 1843,

Turni, Hendrik, Hutterer, Rainer & Asher, Robert, 2007, Type specimens of “ insectivoran ” mammals at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Zootaxa 1470, pp. 1-33: 30

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Scalops latimanus Bachman, 1843


Scalops latimanus Bachman, 1843 

Bachman, J. (1843) Observations on the genus Scalops (Shrew Moles) with descriptions of the species found in North America. Journal of the Boston Society of Natural History 4 (1): 34 [26–35].

Valid name: Scapanus latimanus (Bachman, 1843) 

Syntype: ZMB 712, skull and skin. Collected by Deppe from Santa Clara, Monterey, California in October 1834.

Comments: Bachmann examined two specimens from the ZMB. Following Peters (1863: 656), and still evident on the original label of ZMB 712, this type specimen is identified with " Mexico " on its label. However, Peters pointed out that it was in fact collected from Monterey, California: "Das Originalexemplar ... stammt nicht aus Mexico, sondern ist, wie dem Eingangsjournal der Deppe'schen Sammlung hervorgeht, aus Monterey in Calfornien eingesandt und im October 1834 in Sta. Clara ... gesammelt worden" (Peters, 1863: 656). Peters goes on in his paper to disagree with Bachman's (1843) proposed inclusion of latimanus  in the genus Scalops  . Instead, he recommended synonymizing latimanus  with Scapanus townsendii  . Following Huchinson (1987), we retain Bachman's species but place it in the genus Scapanus  .


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