Rhiginia Stål, 1859, Stal, 1859

Gil-Santana, Hélcio R., 2019, New records, taxonomic notes, and the description of a new species of Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Ecuador, Zootaxa 4613 (3), pp. 502-520: 503

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Rhiginia Stål, 1859


Genus Rhiginia Stål, 1859  

Most of the species of Rhiginia   are known only from short descriptions not accompanied with illustrations, therefore the genus is in need of a revision. The most recent checklists of the species of this genus were provided by Dougherty (1995) and Baena & Susín (2007), which considered 16 and 19 species as currently valid, respectively. However, Dougherty (1995) and Baena & Susín (2007) ignored the works of Carpintero & Maldonado (1990) and Dougherty (1995), respectively. By consequence, they overlooked taxonomical changes stated in these works. Dougherty (1995) overlooked that Rhigina guttata Carpintero, 1980 and Rh. argentina Carpintero, 1980   were considered, respectively, as junior synonymies of Rh. corrugata Maldonado, 1972   and Rh. ruficoria Maldonado, 1972   by Carpintero & Maldonado (1990) and their description of three new species: Rh. aimara Carpintero & Maldonado, 1990   , Rh. andina Carpintero & Maldonado, 1990   and Rh. willinki Carpintero & Maldonado, 1990   . Baena & Susín (2007) overlooked the synonym between Rh. corrugata   with Rh. atripennis ( Walker, 1873)   established by Dougherty (1995) and did not mention Rh. andina   , although have cited the other two species described by Carpintero & Maldonado (1990).