Amaurodera ilamica ASSING, 2005

Assing, Volker, 2015, New species and additional records of Lomechusini from the Palaearctic region, primarily from China (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae), Beiträge Zur Entomologie = Contributions to Entomology 65 (2), pp. 243-262: 259

publication ID 10.21248/contrib.entomol.65.2.243-262


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Amaurodera ilamica ASSING, 2005


Amaurodera ilamica ASSING, 2005  

( Figs 73–75)

Material examined: India: West Bengal: 4 exs., Darjeeling District, Algarah –Labha, 1900 m, 11.X.1978, leg. Besuchet & Löbl ( MHNG, cAss)   .

Comment: Previously, only the holotype from Ilam District , East Nepal, was known ( ASSING 2005d). The above specimens represent the first record from India. The previously unknown female sexual characters are illustrated in Figs 73–75   .

Amaurodera verrucosa ASSING, 2003   and A. fulgens ASSING, 2003  

Comment: In a recent article on miscellaneous aleocharines from Nepal, PACE (2013) synonymized A. verrucosa   with A. martensi COIFFAIT, 1982   and A. fulgens   with A. silvana PACE, 1992   stating that he did not see any differences in the aedeagal morphology, evidently because he had seen material of neither A. verrucosa   nor A. fulgens   . True, as emphasized by ASSING (2003), A. fulgens   is very similar to A. martensi   , most likely its adelphotaxon, both in external and sexual characters, but it differs by constant differences of the aedeagal shape (ventral view) and in external characters (particularly elytral punctation). Moreover, the distributions of both species are allopatric. In the case of A. silvana   and A. fulgens   , the external and sexual characters distinguishing both species are so obvious and so numerous (see the key, descriptions, and illustrations in ASSING (2003)) that considering these names synonyms appears somewhat bizarre. In conclusion, both A. verrucosa   and A. fulgens   are formally revalidated.


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