Andinoacara latifrons ( Steindachner, 1878 )

Albornoz-Garzón, Juan G., Conde-Saldaña, Cristhian C., López-Delgado, Edwin O., García-Melo, Jorge E. & Villa-Navarro, Francisco A., 2020, Fishes from the Río Alvarado drainage, Upper Río Magdalena Basin, Colombia, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1181-1198: 1192-1193

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Andinoacara latifrons ( Steindachner, 1878 )


Andinoacara latifrons ( Steindachner, 1878)  

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Material examined. COLOMBIA 2, 53.4–58.2 mm SL; Río Alvarado-Caldas Viejo ; 04°36′41.2″N, 074°55′ 46.2″W; 351 m a.s.l.; 19 Sep. 2012; Cristhian C. Conde- Saldaña, Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón leg.; CZUT-IC 10110 GoogleMaps   . • 3, 41.6–45.4 mm SL; Quebrada La Caima ; 04°35′ 45.8″N, 075°56′39.6″W; 374 m a.s.l.; 4 Apr. 2013; Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón, Cristhian C. Conde-Saldaña leg.; CZUT-IC 10582 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Body moderately deep (36.9–42.5% SL). Snout slightly rounded (25.9–356% HL). Mouth termi- nal. First gill arch lacking a prominent epibranchial lobe. Scales in E1 11–18 and E2 6–10. Dorsal fin with 14–16 spines and 10–12 soft rays, 5th to 6th ray longest, pro- longed as filament. Anal fin with three spines and 7–10 soft rays, 4th to 5th ray longest, prolonged as filament. Caudal fin subtruncate or slightly rounded. In sexually

mature specimens, head and first half body with metallic green spots. Sides of body with nine dark vertical stripes and a dark midlateral spot. A vertically dark blotch in the mid of the caudal-fin base. Dorsal fin dark grey, with light grey bands and narrow white margin. Caudal fin dark grey with distal portion yellowish ( Steindachner 1878).