Cetopsorhamdia molinae Miles, 1943

Albornoz-Garzón, Juan G., Conde-Saldaña, Cristhian C., López-Delgado, Edwin O., García-Melo, Jorge E. & Villa-Navarro, Francisco A., 2020, Fishes from the Río Alvarado drainage, Upper Río Magdalena Basin, Colombia, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1181-1198: 1187

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/16.5.1181

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Cetopsorhamdia molinae Miles, 1943


Cetopsorhamdia molinae Miles, 1943  

Figure 3A

Material examined. COLOMBIA • 2, 29.6–41.2 mm SL; Río Alvarado-Caldas Viejo ; 04°36′41.2″N, 074°55′ 46.2″W; 351 m a.s.l.; 19 Sep. 2012; Cristhian C. Conde- Saldaña, Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón leg.; CZUT-IC 10087 GoogleMaps   . • 1, 32.0 mm SL; Río Alvarado-Caldas Viejo ; 04° 36′41.2″N, 074°55′46.2″W; 351 m a.s.l.; 12 Dec. 2012; Cristhian C. Conde-Saldaña, Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón leg.; CZUT-IC 10331 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Body slender and slightly short. Body deep (19.5–19.5% SL). Head length: 23.1–27.6% SL. Maxillary barbel not reaching pelvic-fin origin. Adi- pose fin relatively short (18.6–19.3% SL) and triangleshaped. Insertion of the adipose fin equidistant between dorsal and caudal fins. Caudal fin forked with both lobes pointed. Body brown with four conspicuous pale dorsal transverse bands: one around posterior region of the head, one in front of the dorsal fin, one anterior to

adipose fin, and one around the caudal peduncle ( Miles 1943).