Cicadettinae Buckton, 1890,

Sanborn, Allen F., 2021, The cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadoidea: Cicadidae) of Madagascar including a new tribe, five new genera, twelve new species, four new species synonymies, five revised species status, ten new combinations, new tribal assignments for four genera, one new subtribe synonymy, a checklist and key to the species, Zootaxa 4937 (1), pp. 1-79: 26

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Cicadettinae Buckton, 1890


Subfamily Cicadettinae Buckton, 1890 

Remarks.—A partially visible metanotum on the dorsal midline, the partially fused fore wing cubitus posterior and anal vein 1, the fused bases of the hind wing radius posterior and median veins, male opercula are not S-shaped nor do they possess a deeply concave lateral margin, males lack abdominal timbal covers or turned back rims to the timbal cavity, an undeveloped male pygofer distal shoulder, pygofer upper lobes present, the uncus is absent or small and duck-bill shaped, uncus is retractable within the pygofer if present, claspers are present generally dominating the tenth abdominal segment, claspers are not spined, the aedeagus lacks a ventrobasal pocket and is restrained by claspers, and the lack of lateral lobes on the apical theca are characteristic of Cicadettinae  species ( Moulds 2005; Marshall et al. 2018).