Malgotilia Boulard, 1980b,

Sanborn, Allen F., 2021, The cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadoidea: Cicadidae) of Madagascar including a new tribe, five new genera, twelve new species, four new species synonymies, five revised species status, ten new combinations, new tribal assignments for four genera, one new subtribe synonymy, a checklist and key to the species, Zootaxa 4937 (1), pp. 1-79: 67

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Malgotilia Boulard, 1980b


Malgotilia Boulard, 1980b 

Malgotilia Boulard 1980b: 52  .

Type species.— Malgotilia sogai Boulard 1980b: 52  . ( North of Beangona-Ambevy , Antremabe Valley , 400 m, District of Ambanja, North Madagascar) 

Remarks.—The genus is here reassigned to Malagasiini  based on Boulard’s (1980b) original description and the genetic analysis of Marshall et al. (2018b). Although only the habitus of the genus and the ventral sound system are illustrated, the presence of the uncus along with the structural affinities to Quintilia  described by Boulard (1980b) prevents retaining the current assignment in Parnisini  . Quintilia  was transferred to Malagasiini  with the formation of the tribe as the genetic analyses grouped the genus with the Madagascar genera ( Marshall et al. 2018b). The habitus image ( Boulard 1980b) shows the costa and radius & subcostal veins are close together and the uncus appears to be above the long abdominal sternite VIII. In addition, Boulard (1980b) describes the presence of a dorsal beak, elongated pygofer distal shoulders, and an uncus that is similar to Malagasia  . These data suggest the genus is a member of the Malagasiini  and is reassigned here.

Malgotilia  is another monospecific genus represented by a small, stocky cicada with a triangular head and prothorax. The genus is characterized by the subconical head that is much narrower than the mesonotum, forming an approximate triangle with the angled lateral pronotum and prominent anterior postclypeus, the rounded anterior frons margin forming an obtuse angle to the supra-antennal plates, the stocky, cylindroconical male abdomen shorter than the distance between the anterior margin of the postclypeus and posterior cruciform elevation, and an elongated male sternite VIII terminating in a point.

Distribution.—The only species of the genus is found in Madagascar ( Duffels & van der Laan 1985).












Malgotilia Boulard, 1980b

Sanborn, Allen F. 2021


Boulard, M. 1980: 52