Eudorylaimus, Andrassy, 1959

Bohra, P., Sanyal, A. K., Hussain, A. & Mitra, B., 2010, Five new records of nematodes from East Antarctica, Journal of Threatened Taxa 2 (6), pp. 974-977: 976

publication ID 10.11609/JoTT.o2342.974-7

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Eudorylaimus   sabulophilus Tijepkema, Ferris & Ferris, 1971 ( Fig. 4 View Figure 4 )

Material examined: 3 females, 23.ii.1999, coll. A.

Hussain, Reg.No. IV/2240 Host: Moss and algae at the bank of PDL. Measurement: Females (3): L = 0.87-0.98mm; a =

17-22; b = 3.47-3.92; c = 17.3-21.7; V = 56-59.


Female: Body slightly curved ventrally upon fixation. Lips well separated and set off from body by constriction. Odontostyle 17-18 µm long; its aperture 30% of odontostyle length. Odontophore rod-like 22-24 µm long. Oesophageal expansion gradual. Basal expanded part of oesophagus occupies 45-47% of oesophageal length. Reproductive system amphidelphic. Tail dorsally-convex with subacute or narrow rounded tip. Tail tip slightly bent ventrally.

Male: Not found.

Distribution: USA.

Remarks: First time reported from Antarctica.




Order: Araeolaimida De Coninck & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1933  

Superfamily: Plectoidea Örley, 1880

Family: Plectidae Örley, 1880  


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