Poecilimon harveyi Karabag, 1964

Chobanov, Dragan P., Sevgili, Hasan & Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, 2020, Bioacoustics of poorly known Poecilimon taxa (Insecta: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae with redescriptions of P. pechevi and P. stschelkanovzevi, Zootaxa 4890 (4), pp. 535-553 : 544-545

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Poecilimon harveyi Karabag, 1964


Poecilimon harveyi Karabag, 1964 (armeniacu s-group)

TURKEY: Erzurum, Gölyurt Gecidi, southwest of Ispir (40.35ºN, 40.783ºE), 2300 m, 7.08.1983, leg. K.-G. Heller GoogleMaps ; 2 males recorded, stridulatory file studied.

The song is quite similar to that of the closely related ( Ünal 2010) P. armeniacus . In the short recording two males produced overlapping series with durations of ca. 8 s each. In these series they showed a SRR of 12.5 Hz ( T =27ºC; Fig. 6 View FIGURE 6 ). The syllables had a duration of 46 ms and contained 4–6 impulses, resulting in a mean interval of 11.5 ms between the impulses.

For details of the stridulatory file see Table 2 View TABLE 2 , Fig. 5 View FIGURE 5 .


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics