Theognete championi Anderson

Anderson, Robert S., 2010, A taxonomic monograph of the Middle American leaf-litter inhabiting weevil genus Theognete Champion (Coleoptera: Curculionidae; Molytinae; Lymantini) 2458, Zootaxa 2458 (1), pp. 1-127: 21

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2458.1.1

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Theognete championi Anderson

new species

8. Theognete championi Anderson   , new species ( Figures 48 View FIGURES 47–50 , 52 View FIGURES 51–54 , 56 View FIGURES 55–58 )

Diagnosis. Size. Length, male 2.40mm; female, 3.00– 4.21mm. Width, male 1.30mm; female, 1.70–2.47mm. As for T. cozari   except rostrum with dorsal median area moderately densely punctate, mid-line with some punctures along length, especially towards base. Pronotum with posterior portion of lateral tubercle not sharp, rounded and somewhat flat. Elytra with disk flattened in middle, stria 1 longitudinally impressed for short distance in this flat area. Posterolateral area of elytra with pilose crease. Femora with very small, shallow punctures in distal portion of length. Abdominal ventrite 5 lacking median puncture. Male with aedeagus as in Fig. 52 View FIGURES 51–54 .

Comments. Until very recently, the single known specimen of this species was one of the two syntypes of T. laevis Champion. This   species is very similar to T. cozari   from the Lacandon forest of Chiapas, México, and its status as distinct species was confirmed only with discovery of a male. Despite a visit to the Cerro Zunil area in 1993, and intense sampling efforts at apparently suitable elevations, no specimens were collected; however, samples taken in 2008 from near San Marcos at 1600m produced three specimens of what appear to be this same species. The two females are structurally similar to the Cerro Zunil specimen, and until males from Cerro Zunil (or nearby) are found, these specimens are considered conspecific. It is possible, as with the other syntype of T. laevis   , that the geographic information on the label of the Cerro Zunil specimen is inaccurate (see comments under T. laevis   ).

Geographical distribution. Guatemala (Quezaltenango, San Marcos).

Natural history. From label data collected at elevations between 1200–1525m (4000–5000 ft) and 1600m. The habitat at Cerro Zunil is unknown but the San Marcos site is a wet oak cloud forest.

Derivation of specific name. Named after the noted coleopterist George C. Champion.

Material examined. 1♂, 3♀♀ ( BMNH, CMNC). Holotype   ♂ ( CMNC): GUATEMALA: San Marcos. Rd. Bojonal – Fraternidad , 1580m, 14.94533°N 91.88038°W, 11 Sept 2008, R.Anderson, cloud forest, 2008- 107 GoogleMaps   / HOLOTYPE ♂ Theognete championi   sp. nov., R.S. Anderson. Aedeagus extracted. Paratypes: GUATE- MALA: Quezaltenango: Cerro Zunil, 4–5000 ft., Champion, Type (disk with red border), Sp. figured, B.C.A. Col. IV. 4. Theognete laevis Champ.   (1♀, BMNH, one of the two syntypes of Theognete laevis Champion   ). San Marcos: Rd. Bojonal – Fraternidad , 1580m, 14.94533°N 91.88038°W, 11 Sept 2008, R.Anderson, cloud forest, 2008-107 (1♀, CMNC); 9.8 km WSW San Marcos, 1600m, 14.94427°N 91.8799°W, 11 Sept 2008, Laura Saenz, oak forest, LSD-126 (1♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps   .

Chorological relationships. Not known to be sympatric with any other species of Theognete   .