Pelobiinae Fitzinger, 1843,

Duellman, William E., Marion, Angela B. & Hedges, Blair, 2016, Phylogenetics, classification, and biogeography of the treefrogs (Amphibia: Anura: Arboranae), Zootaxa 4104 (1), pp. 1-109: 37

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Pelobiinae Fitzinger, 1843


Subfamily Pelobiinae Fitzinger, 1843 

Pelobii Fitzinger, 1843: 31  . Type genus: Pelobius Fitzinger, 1843  , by original designation.

Definition. At the present time no morphological characters are known that distinguish this subfamily from Pelodryadinae  .

Content. One genus and at least 91 species.

Distribution. Northern and eastern Australia, New Guinea and associated islands, Solomon Islands, New Britain, Vanuatu, and Moluccas Islands and Seram Island in Indonesia.

Etymology. The familial name is based on the generic name Pelobius  from the Greek pelos meaning earth and the Greek suffix binos meaning coming from. The type species of Pelobius  is Litoria freycineti Tschudi, 1838  .

Remarks. Pelobiinae is the sister group to Pelodryadinae  .


Pelobiinae Fitzinger, 1843

Duellman, William E., Marion, Angela B. & Hedges, Blair 2016


Fitzinger 1843