Pseudinae Fitzinger, 1843,

Duellman, William E., Marion, Angela B. & Hedges, Blair, 2016, Phylogenetics, classification, and biogeography of the treefrogs (Amphibia: Anura: Arboranae), Zootaxa 4104 (1), pp. 1-109: 23

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Pseudinae Fitzinger, 1843


Subfamily Pseudinae Fitzinger, 1843 

Pseudae Fitzinger, 1843: 33  . Type genus: Pseudis Wagler, 1930  , by original designation.

Definition. Aquatic and semi-aquatic frogs with elongate (usually mineralized) intercalary elements between the distal and penultimate phalanges. Chromosome complement 2 n = 24, but 2 n = 22 in Scarthyla goinorum (Bokermann)  and 28 in Pseudis cardosoi (Kwet)  .

Content. Three genera and 13 species.

Distribution. Tropical and subtropical South America east of the Andes, including Trinidad, southward to Uruguay, Paraguay, and northern Argentina.

Etymology. The subfamily name is that of the type genus, Pseudis  , which is from the Greek, pseudos, meaning lie.

Remarks. The analysis of molecular data by Faivovich et al. (2005) showed Scarthyla goinorum Bokermann  to be the sister taxon of two species each of Lysapsus  + Pseudis  . Our analysis of four species of Lysapsus  , six of Pseudis  , and Scarthyla goinorum  shows the same arrangement with 100 % support of the monophyly of the three lineages ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).


Pseudinae Fitzinger, 1843

Duellman, William E., Marion, Angela B. & Hedges, Blair 2016


Wagler 1930