Nepalota martensi PACE, 1987

Assing, Volker, 2015, On the Nepalota fauna of China (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae: Athetini), Linzer biologische Beiträge 47 (1), pp. 207-248 : 213

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Nepalota martensi PACE, 1987


Nepalota martensi PACE, 1987 View in CoL

( Fig. 144 View Figs 137-144 , Map 1 View Map 1 )

Nepalota martensi PACE, 1987b: 412 View in CoL .

Type material exmined: Holotype ♂: " NEPAL-Expeditionen Jochen Martens / 179a Kaski Dist., oberhalb Dhumpus , Berlese 2100 m, Martens & Ausobsky 8/10Mai80 / Holotypus Nepalota martensi m., det. R. Pace 1984 / Holotypus / Nepalota martensi n. sp., det.. Pace 1984 / Senckenberg-Museum Frankfurt/Main" ( SMF). Paratypes: 1♂: same data as holotype (SMF) ; 1♂: "NEPAL-Expeditionen Jochen Martens / 179 Kaski Dist., oberhalb Dhumpus, Laubwald 2100 m, Martens & Ausobsky 8/10Mai80" (SMF).

Additional material examined: China: Yunnan: 1♂, Gaoligong Shan, Baoshan Pref., 35 km SE Tengchong, near Xiaoheishan N.R., 24°50'N, 98°46'E, 2110 m, deciduous forest, litter sifted, 30.V.2007, leg. Schülke (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♀, Gaoligong Shan, Baoshan Pref. , 36 km SE Tengchong, 24°50'N, 98°46'E, 2200 m, deciduous forest, litter sifted, 31.V.2007, leg. Schülke (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 6♂♂, 1♀, E Kunming, Xiaobailong Forest Park, 24°56'N, 103°05'E, 2110 m, secondary pine forest, pine litter and litter at trail margin sifted, 10.VIII.2014, leg. Assing & Schülke (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 51♂♂, 50♀♀, 15 exs., Wuding, Lion Mountain Scenic Area , 25°32'N, 102°23'E, 2200 m, stream valley with deciduous forest, moist litter sifted, 17.VIII.2014, leg. Assing & Schülke (cAss, cSch, MNHUB) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, 1 ex., mountain WNW Wuding , 25°39'N, 102°07'E, 2390 m, mixed forest margin with alder and pine, litter sifted, 1.IX.2014, leg. Schülke (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, mountains S Jianshui , 23°25'N, 102°51'E, 1890 m, subtropical broad-leaved forest, litter sifted, 22.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, mountain W Gejiu , 23°24'N, 103°07'E, 1990 m, mixed forest, litter and various debris sifted, 23.VIII.2014, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♀, same data, but 25.VIII.2014 (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, 9 exs., Dali Bai Aut. Pref., mountain range E Weishan , 12 km NE Weishan, 25°17'N, 100°22'E, 2630-2660 m, scrub with pines and bamboo, litter sifted, 15.IX.2009, leg. Schülke & Wrase (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, 4 exs., Lincang Pref., Laobie Shan , Wei Bo Shan pass, 24°08'N, 99°43'E, 2375 m, degraded secondary deciduous forest, litter and moss sifted, 8.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, 3♀♀, Lincang Pref., Xue Shan, 48 km N Lincang, 24°19'N, 100°07'E, 2070 m, forest remnant, litter sifted, 12.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 2♂♂, 13 exs., Lincang Pref., 20 km NW Lincang, Bangma Shan , 23°58'N, 99°55'E, 2210 m, degraded forest with fern, litter and fern sifted, 9.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 1♀, Lincang Pref., 33 km SSW Lincang, Bangma Shan , 23°36'N, 100°00'E, 2150 m, deciduous forest remnant, litter sifted, 11.IX.2009, leg. Wrase (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 1 ex. [apex of abdomen missing], Lincang Pref., Wuliang Shan, old pass road, 24°43'N, 100°30'E, 2200 m, primary forest remnant, litter sifted, 12.IX.2009, leg. Wrase (cSch) GoogleMaps ; 12 exs., Pu'er Pref., Ailao Shan , 37 km NW Jingdong, 24°45'N, 100°41'E, 2300 m, degraded forest remnant, litter sifted, 13.IX.2009, leg. Schülke (cSch, cAss) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, 1 ex., Dali Bai Aut. Pref., Zhemo Shan, 7 km SW Xiaguan, 25°32-33'N, 100°10-11'E, 2870-2970 m, shrub habitat with oak, bamboo, and rhododendron, litter sifted, 18.IX.2009, leg. Wrase (cSch, cAss). Nepal: 1 ex., Khandbari district, forest NE Kuwapani, 2450 m, 13.IV.1982, leg. Smetana ( MHNG) ; 2 exs., same data, but 2500 m, 12.IV.1982 ( MHNG) ; 1 ex., Khandbari district, below Sheduwa , 2100-2550 m, 9.IV.1982, leg. Smetana ( MHNG) ; 1 ex., Bagmati province, NE Barahbise, Pokhare , 2700 m, 2.V.1981, leg. Löbl & Smetana ( MHNG) .

Comment: The original description is based on four males from two localities in Nepal ( PACE 1987b). The species was subsequently reported from additional localities in Nepal ( PACE 1991, 2006), as well as from the Chinese provinces Yunnan and Guizhou ( PACE 1993, 2004). Three of the type specimens, among them the holotype, were examined. The median lobe of the aedeagus of a male from Yunnan is illustrated in Fig. 144 View Figs 137-144 .

The vast distribution of N. martensi ranges from Nepal to southern China (Yunnan, Guizhou) ( Map 1 View Map 1 ). The examined material was collected by sifting litter in various forest habitats (broad-leaved, coniferous, mixed) at altitudes between 1890 and nearly 3000 m, partly together with N. cuneata , N. smetanai , or N. gansuensis .


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Nepalota martensi PACE, 1987

Assing, Volker 2015

Nepalota martensi

PACE R 1987: 412
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