Hymenolepis, Weinland, 1858

Beveridge, Ian & Smales, Lesley R., 2017, Cestode Parasites (Platyhelminthes) of Rodents from New Guinea and Adjacent Islands with a Redescription of Paroniella blanchardi (Parona, 1897) (Davaineidae), Records of the Australian Museum (Rec. Aust. Mus.) 69 (6), pp. 451-460: 452

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http://doi.org/ 10.3853/j.2201-4349.69.2017.1667

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Hymenolepis   cf diminuta (Rudolphi, 1819)  

Material examined. From Hydromys chrysogaster   GEOffrOy, 1804 (WatEr rat): MabEa VillagE, Itugli, FErgussOn Island , Milne Bay Province , 9°30'S 150°E ( W23775 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; Imalele Village, Bunala River, Fergusson Island , Milne Bay Province , 9°30'S 150°33'E ( W23776 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus elaphinus Sody, 1941   (Sulu Archipelago rat): Cepalulu Village, Manggole Island, North Moluccas, 1°53'S 125°50'E ( W23768 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus leucopus (Gray, 1867)   (Cape York rat): Jirlai, Kobroor Island, Aru Islands , West Papua, 6°02'S 134°32'E ( W48826 View Materials –827) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus mordax (Thomas, 1904)   (eastern New Guinea rat): Wamla Village, Normanby Island , Milne Bay Province , 10°30'S 151°17'E ( W23787 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus niobe (Thomas, 1906)   (eastern New Guinea mountain rat): south of Tifalin, West Sepik Province , 5°05'S 141°25'E ( W23790 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; Dokfuma, Star Mountains, West Sepik Province , 5°01'S 141°07'E ( W23793 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; Kamptamen, South of Hindenberg Wall, West Sepik Province , 5°10'S 141°16'E ( W23788 View Materials –789) GoogleMaps   ; Ofekaman–Telefonin Area, West Sepik Province , 5°05'S 141°35'E ( W23794 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus tanezumi Temminck, 1844   (oriental house rat): Piliana Village, Seram, Maluku Province , 3°15'S 129°30'E ( W48825 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus verecundus (Thomas, 1904)   (New Guinea slender rat): Kutubu Lake, Mt Kemenagi, Southern Highlands Province , 6°23'S 143°19'E ( W23821 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; Munimum Village, Agaun, Milne Bay Province , 9°53'S 149°23'E ( W23822 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   ; from Rattus vandeuseni Taylor & Calaby, 1982   (Van Deusen’s New Guinea mountain rat): Munimum Village, Aguan, Milne Bay Province , 9°53'S 149°23'E ( W23816 View Materials –818) GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. This cosmopolitan species is known from rodents throughout the world ( Schmidt, 1986) including New Guinea where it has been found in “ Rattus ruber   ” (now a synonym of Rattus nitidus (Hodgson, 1845)   and Pogonomelomys ruemmleri Tate & Archbold, 1941   (see Jones & Anderson, 1990). It has been reported previously from H. chrysogaster   in Australia ( Smales et al., 1990) although not previously in New Guinea or from any species of the other hosts listed above all of which therefore represent nEW rEcOrds. ThE spEciEs has bEEn idEntifiEd as “cf diminuta   ” as recent molecular studies have indicated that it probably cOnstitutEs a spEciEs cOmplEx currEntly undiffErEntiablE using morphological criteria ( Haukisalmi et al., 2010).