Mesocrista spitzbergensis (Richters, 1903),

Kaczmarek, Łukasz, 2017, Annotated zoogeography of non-marine Tardigrada. Part IV: Africa, Zootaxa 4284 (1), pp. 1-74: 28-29

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Mesocrista spitzbergensis (Richters, 1903)


68. Mesocrista spitzbergensis (Richters, 1903)  [T]

Diphascon emmautinum  nov. spec. ( Rahm 1936) Terra typica  : Svalbard (Spitsbergen)


• 32°02′N, 35°50′E; 950 m asl: Amman Governorate, way to Amman, extreme arid or semi-arid climate. Rahm (1936)

Record numbers. Jordan: 1; total: 1

Remarks. Due to the limited original description ( Rahm 1936), Ramazzotti (1972) considered this a variant of spitzbergensis  . However, recent analysis of M. spitzbergensis  and related species ( Gąsiorek et al. 2016), indicates this is not spitzbergensis  sensu stricto, but could be Mesocrista revelata Gąsiorek et al., 2016  . Further work is required to clarify this record.