Hexapodibius bindae Pilato, 1982

Kaczmarek, Łukasz, 2017, Annotated zoogeography of non-marine Tardigrada. Part IV: Africa, Zootaxa 4284 (1), pp. 1-74: 34

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Hexapodibius bindae Pilato, 1982


89. Hexapodibius bindae Pilato, 1982   [T]

Hexapodibius bindae   n. sp. (Pilato 1982)

Terra typica   : Algeria (Africa)


• 34°48′N, 06°42′E; 150 m asl: Type Locality: Biskra Province, 30 km NE from El Oued oasis [Zeribet el Oued], on the way to Toyeur, fine sand at the base of grass. Pilato (1982)

• 34°40′N, 06°11′E; 0 m asl: Biskra Province, 30 km from Biskra, El Oued [Zeribet el Oued]. Binda & Pilato (1987)

Record numbers. Algeria: 2; total: 2.

Remarks. This species has a limited distribution including Algeria and Hungary ( Vargha 1995; 1996; 1998, Vargha & Iharos 2001).