Priocera trituberosa OPITZ

Opitz, Weston, 2021, Taxonomic revision of the West ern Hemisphere checkered beetle genus Priocera KIRBY (Coleoptera, Cleridae, Clerinae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 52 (2), pp. 1145-1255: 1203

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Priocera trituberosa OPITZ


Priocera trituberosa OPITZ   nov.sp. ( Figs 91 View Figs 91 , 170 View Figs 168-171 )

HOLOTYPE: ♀. Type locality: Colombia, Cauca, PNN Gorgona, El Saman , 5 m, 2°58'N 78°11'W, Malaise. A second label reads: 13-iv-7v-2001, T. Helmer, leg. M.1648 ( CSCA). GoogleMaps  

D i a g n o s i s: Cranium testaceous, upper frons infuscated; antennae testaceous; prothoracic sternum and pterothoracic venter black, except mesepisternum flavotestaceous; pronotum mostly flavotestaceous, tubercles, paralateral foveae, and region behind anterior tubercles linearly brown; elytra mostly flavotestaceous, basal 2/3 rd nearly white, asetiferous punctures brown, apical 1/3 rd somewhat infuscated; legs mostly flavotestaceous, brown in front of femoral capitulum; abdomen flavotestaceous.

D e s c r i p t i o n: Size: Length 7.5 mm; width 2.0 mm. Form: As in Fig. 170 View Figs 168-171 . Head: Cranium finely punctate; frons wider than length of antennal pedicel ( EW /FW 40/15). Thorax: Pronotum finely punctate, with 3 tumescenses and 2 paralateral foveae, anterior tumescences spherical, posterior tumescence linear ( PW /PL 83/120); elytral disc with basal tumescenses, middle of disc concave, disc sculptured with asetiferous punctures haphazardly distributed and extend to elytral distal 2/3 rd, apex rounded ( EL /EW 320/70); metathoracic femur capitate. Abdomen: Pygidium scutiform.

N a t u r a l h i s t o r y: The holotype was collected in a Malaise trap during a time frame that spans from April 13 to May 7. The trap was set at an elevation of 0.5 m.

D i s t r i b u t i o n ( Fig. 91 View Figs 91 ): This species is known from Colombia.

E t y m o l o g y: The specific epithet, trituberosa, is a Latin compound name that stems from the prefix tri- (= three) and the noun tuber (= swelling). With reference to the 3 tumescenses on the pronotal disc.


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