Heser hispanus, Senglet, 2012

Senglet, Antoine, 2012, Civizelotes new genus, and other new or little known Zelotinae (Araneae, Gnaphosidae), Revue suisse de Zoologie 119 (4), pp. 501-528 : 525

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https://doi.org/ 10.5962/bhl.part.150203

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Heser hispanus

sp. n.

Heser hispanus sp. n. Figs 84-89

HOLOTYPE: SPAIN, Estremadura, Badajoz, Monesterio , 38°05'N 06°16'W; Ƌ; 19.06.1969. GoogleMaps

PARATYPES: Same locality as for holotype; 1 ♀ (with vulva in microvial); 19.06.1969 GoogleMaps . – Spain, Andalusia, Sevilla, Alanis , 38°02'N 05°11'W; 2 ♀ (with vulva in microvial); 01.07.1969 GoogleMaps .

ETYMOLOGY: The species name refers to the geographical occurrence of these spiders.

DESCRIPTION Ƌ HOLOTYPE: Prosoma mid-brown, with medium-sized bristles. Opisthosoma black, covered with medium-long bristles. Tarsi I, II scopulate. Total length 2.76. Prosoma: 1.20 long, 0.87 wide, 0.48 wide at level of posterior eyes. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.03, ALE 0.07, PME 0.06, PLE 0.06; AME-AME 0.03, AME-ALE 0.01, PME-PME 0.02, PME-PLE 0.02, ALE-PLE 0.04. MOQ length 0.12, front width 0.20, back width 0.23. Clypeus: 0.06 from AME, 0.04 from ALE. Pedipalp (Figs 84-86): Patella dorsally longer than the short tibia. Retrolateral tibial apophysis shorter than tibia, dorsally arched. Embolus emerging from backside of tegulum. Median apophysis small. Scutum occupying 35% of opisthosoma length. Leg spination: Femora IV p001, r001; metatarsi I v000; II v210; III-IV v221.

DESCRIPTION ♀ FROM ALANIS: Prosoma tawny-brown, with median to long bristles. Opisthosoma blackish, covered with dense median light coloured bristles. Legs entirely tawny. Total length 3.40 (3.26). Prosoma: 1.24 (1.22) long, 0.93 wide, 0.48 wide at level of posterior eyes. Eye size and interdistances: AME 0.04, ALE 0.06, PME 0.042, PLE 0.042; AME-AME 0.03, AME-ALE 0.01, PME-PME 0.03, PME- PLE 0.02, ALE-PLE 0.03. MOQ length 0.14, front width 0.20, back width 0.24. Clypeus: 0.04 from AME, 0.04 from ALE. Epigynum (Fig. 87) with triangular epigynal plate, its anterior part almost as wide as anterior anchoring pockets. Vulva (Figs 88-89 from Alanis) with scattered glands on the dorsal sides. Leg spination: Femora IV p001, r001; tibiae IV p110; metatarsi I v000; IV r112.