Stichopathes Brook, 1889

Wagner, Daniel & Shuler, Andrew, 2017, The black coral fauna (Cnidaria: Antipatharia) of Bermuda with new records, Zootaxa 4344 (2), pp. 367-379: 371

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Stichopathes Brook, 1889


Genus Stichopathes Brook, 1889  

The genus Stichopathes   is characterized by colonies that are unbranched, and polyps that are arranged in a single row on one side of the corallum ( Brook, 1889). However, the validity of polyp arrangement as the main diagnostic character distinguishing amongst Stichopathes   and the two other antipatharian genera with unbranched colonies ( Cirrhipathes   and Pseudocirrhipathes   ) has been questioned by numerous authors ( Bo & Opresko, 2015; Bo et al., 2012; Bo, 2008; Brugler & France, 2007; Pasternak, 1977; Pax, 1918; van Pesch, 1914). Two Stichopathe s species have previously been reported from Bermuda ( S. lutkeni   and S. cf. spiessi   ; Locke et al. 2013). This study adds S. pourtalesi   and an undescribed Stichopathe s species to the known antipatharian fauna from Bermuda ( Table 1).