Sclerogibba crassifemorata Riggio & De Stefani-Perez, 1888

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S., Guglielmino, Adalgisa & Icipe, 2015, An updated checklist of Dryinidae, Embolemidae and Sclerogibbidae (Hymenoptera) of Kenya and Burundi, with descriptions of thirteen new species, Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae 55 (1), pp. 333-380 : 369

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Sclerogibba crassifemorata Riggio & De Stefani-Perez, 1888


4. Sclerogibba crassifemorata Riggio & De Stefani-Perez, 1888

Material examined. New records. KENYA: COAST: Funzi Island , 4.57776°S 39.44127°E, near sea level, 24–28. vii.2012, Malaise trap, mixed grass- woodland, R. Copeland leg., 1 J ( RSC) GoogleMaps ; Funzi Island, 4.57776°S 39.43825°E, near sea level, 4–10.vii.2012, Malaise trap, near Funzi workshop, ICIPE/NMKE Funzi Island Expedition , 4 JJ ( NMKE). EASTERN: Samburu Nat. Res. , near Ewaso Ng’iro R., 00.56797°N 37.53563°E, 874 m, 7–21.viii.2006, riverine forest, near Hdqtrs., Malaise trap, R. Copeland, 1 J ( RSC) GoogleMaps ; Simisi area , 2.01477°S 38.32618°E, 653 m, 1–4.xii.2013, Malaise trap, shrubland near Kwandula Hill, J. Bukhebi & R. Copeland leg., 1 J ( NMKE) GoogleMaps ; Kasaala area , 2.07846°S 38.22530°E, 740 m, 28.xi–4.xii.2013, six-meter Malaise trap, just inside isolated woodland patch, J. Bukhebi & R. Copeland leg., 1 J ( RSC) GoogleMaps ; Ngaia Forest, 0.32442°N 38.05038°E, 1057 m, 3–17.ix.2011, Malaise trap, inside indigenous forest, R. Copeland leg., 2 JJ (1 in NMKE, 1 in RSC). RIFT VALLEY: Olorgesailie National Monument , 1.57930°S 36.44566°E, 982 m, 21.v–, Malaise trap, Acacia - Commiphora savannah, R. Copeland leg., 1 J ( RSC) GoogleMaps ; same locality label, 10–24.VII.2011, 1 J ( MOLC) GoogleMaps ; same locality label, 18.ix–2.x.2011, 1 J ( NMKE) GoogleMaps ; Olorgesailie National Monument, 1.57962°S 36.44730°E, 979 m,–2.vii.2011, Malaise trap, near Ol Keju Nyiro River , R. Copeland leg., 4 JJ (2 in NMKE, 2 in RSC) GoogleMaps .

Published records. OLMI & COPELAND (2011): KENYA: EASTERN: Tsavo National Park , Nutter’s Farm (02°38.51′S 38°21.98′E) GoogleMaps ; Samburu National Reserve (00.56797°N 37.53563°E) GoogleMaps ; base of Ukasi Hill (0.82103°S 38.54443°E). NYANZA: Gembe Hills (00.4893°S 34.2433°E) GoogleMaps ; Ruma National Park (00.64725°S 34.33595°E). RIFT VALLEY: Marich Pass (01°32.18′N 35°27.48′E) GoogleMaps ; Marich Pass field station (1.53633°N 35.45800°E) GoogleMaps ; Chyulu Hills (02.50222°S 37.75343°E) GoogleMaps ; Tsavo West National Park (02.99615°S 38.45988°E) GoogleMaps .

Distribution. Recorded from many Palaearctic and Afrotropical countries ( OLMI 2005b). In Africa known from Central African Republic, Kenya, Niger and Northern Africa ( OLMI 2005b, OLMI & COPELAND 2011).


National Museum of Kenya

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