Stenodactylus guttatus,

Metallinou, Margarita & Crochet, Pierre-André, 2013, Nomenclature of African species of the genus Stenodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae), Zootaxa 3691 (3), pp. 365-376: 372

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Stenodactylus guttatus


Stenodactylus guttatus  variété hirouxii Doumergue, 1901

1901 Stenodactylus guttatus  variété hirouxii Doumergue, Essai sur la faune erpétologique de l’Oranie avec des tableaux analytiques et des notions pour la détermination de tous les reptiles  & batraciens du Maroc, de l’Algérie et de la Tunisie: 96.

Doumergue (1901) gives no information on the number of specimens examined for the description of this nomen. He used at least one specimen: an animal from “Méchéria” (= Mecheria, 33 ° 31 ’N 0° 15 ’W), sent to him by Hiroux, and illustrated in the plates (Plate 5, Figures 7 and 7 a). We have been unable to locate this specimen or any other syntype. The illustrated specimen can easily be identified as Stenodactylus mauritanicus  by the short and thick tail, short snout, high head and convex snout profile.

Name-bearing type: at least one specimen collected by Hiroux in Mecheria, illustrated in Figures 7 and 7 a of Plate 5 of Doumergue (1901). This specimen is currently lost. Type locality: Mecheria, Algeria.

Proposed status: subjective junior synonym of Stenodactylus mauritanicus Guichenot, 1850  .