Citrogramma notiale, VOCKEROTH, 1969

Mengual, Ximo, 2012, The flower fly genus Citrogramma Vockeroth (Diptera: Syrphidae): illustrated revision with descriptions of new species, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 164 (1), pp. 99-172: 152-153

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Citrogramma notiale



Citrogramma notiale Vockeroth, 1969: 95   . Holotype: ♂, ANIC, by original designation. Type locality: Australia: Brisbane. Vockeroth, 1969: 95, figs 16, 58; Thompson & Vockeroth, 1989: 442.


Male: See original description ( Vockeroth, 1969: 95).

Female: Head: Face with small facial tubercle, yellow with medial thin dark vitta, from oral apex to antennal base, narrower than yellow lateral areas of face, yellow pilose; gena yellow, yellow pilose, white pollinose posteriorly; lunule yellow, brownish medially; frons yellow with a medial triangular black macula dorsad to lunule, black posteriorly and laterally forming inverted V-shaped yellow fascia, black pilose; vertical triangle black, black pilose; ocelli reddish; antenna orangish, black pilose on scape and pedicel; basoflagellomere orangish, dark dorsally; arista dark; occiput black, silver pollinose, golden pollinose dorsally, pale pilose on ventral two thirds, golden yellow pilose on dorsal third with black hairs.

Thorax: Scutum black with dorsomedial grey pollinose area with some metallic iridescence and two anteroposterior bluish vittae, with lateral broad yellow vitta, black and yellow pilose dorsally, yellow pilose laterally on yellow vitta, densely yellowish pilose on lateral notopleuron and supra-alar area; postpronotum yellow, notopleuron yellow continuing until scutellum, with postalar callus entirely yellow, black and yellow pilose; scutellum yellow laterally and anteriorly with dorsomedial semicircular defined brown macula not reaching anterior margin, black pilose, with a sparse subscutellar fringe of black hairs. Pleuron mostly yellow, except posterior anepisternum black on anterior half and dorsally, katepisternum black with a dorsal yellow macula, meron black, anterior anepimeron black dorsally, katatergum black posteriorly, entirely yellow pilose; metasternum pilose; ventral calypter yellow with yellow hairs on margin, dorsal calypter yellow, darkened anterodistally; plumula yellow; halter pedicel yellow with capitulum dark; spiracular fringes yellow.

Wing: Wing membrane hyaline, entirely microtrichose. Alula microtrichose, broad, broader than costal cell and slightly broader than cell BM.

Legs: Pro- and metacoxa and trochanter yellow, mesocoxa and mesotrochanter brownish; pro- and mesofemur yellow, brownish posteriorly on distal two thirds; pro- and mesotibia yellow; pro- and mesobasotarsomere brownish yellow basally, dark distally, rest of tarsi black; metafemur, metatibia, and metatarsi black. Legs black pilose with yellow hairs on coxae; metafemur with short, strong, rather setulose, anteroventral and posteroventral hairs near apex.

Abdomen: Figure 23 View Figures 15–26 . Parallel-sided, broadening posteriorly. Dorsum mainly black, black pilose dorsally and laterally except tergum 1 yellow pilose laterally and tergum 2 yellow pilose laterally on anterobasal half; tergum 1 black, yellow laterally; tergum 2 black with two mesolateral triangular yellow maculae, yellow lateral margin on anterior half; terga 3, 4, and 5 black with medial broad (about third of tergum length) yellow fascia slightly concave; terga 2, 3, 4, and 5 with posterior narrow silver-dark pollinose fascia on posterior margin; sterna yellow, black pilose.

Variation: Some female individuals have the anepimeron entirely yellow. Female from the Bunya Mountains has frons yellow medially, without clear black macula.

Length (N = 5 ♀): Body, 8.0–8.6 (8.2) mm; wing, 7.0– 7.8 (7.5) mm.

Puparium: Length 5.4 mm, width 3.2 mm (N = 1). Convexly inflated anteriorly, dorsoventrally flattened posteriorly. Colour brownish beige ( Figs 124, 125 View Figures 122–130 ). Pupal spiracles absent. Detail of posterior breathing tube and spiracular openings in Figure 126 View Figures 122–130 .

Geographical distribution: Australia. Ecology: Reared larva was collected from the plant Ageratum houstonianum Mill.   by C. J. Burwell.

Differential diagnosis: Small species with a narrow black facial vitta and small facial tubercle, wing entirely microtrichose, scutellum with a dark brown macula not reaching anterior margin ( Fig. 24 View Figures 15–26 ), metafemur black and male genitalia large. Citrogramma notiale   is endemic to Australia, found in the Brisbane (Queensland) and Sydney (New South Wales) areas, and it is very similar to C. australe Thompson   sp. nov. Both species occur in the same region and they only differ by male genitalia. Although very similar morphologically, male genitalia of these two species are completely different and much modified (see Figs 138–139 View Figures 131–139 , 157 View Figures 154–157 ). Citrogramma arisanicum   , from Taiwan, keys close to them but it is very different: metafemur is mainly yellow, black on distal third to two fifths; male genitalia small; and scutellum has a brownish diffuse macula, in contrast with the perfectly defined brown macula on scutellum of the Australian species that does not reach anterior margin.

Remarks: All the females studied in this revision are identified as C. notiale   based on the study of the paratype specimen designated by the original author. Females of C. notiale   and C. australe   , if any, might be indistinguishable like the males. As the variation seen amongst females does not follow any pattern and none of them can be associated with males of C. australe   , a full re-description is here given with notes about variation.

There is only one Citrogramma   puparium known and the female imago belongs to C. notiale   .

Holotype male deposited in the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO (Canberra, Australia) and labelled: ‘Brisbane, Qsld./AUST. 2 6.V.68/J.W.Boyes’ ‘ 4Emerson / Toowong ’ ‘ Citrogramma   / HOLO TYPE/ notiale   / Vockeroth /No.’ [red] ‘ Citrogramma   / notiale   / Vockeroth / HOLOTYPE ♂ /Reg. No. / 5760 ’ [red] ‘ANIC Database No./29 014852’.

Type locality: Australia: Queensland, Brisbane , 27°28′S, 153°01′E GoogleMaps   .

Material examined: Type material. Paratype. AUSTRA- LIA   : Queensland, Brisbane, Toowong, 4 Emerson , 26.v.1968, J.W. Boyes [1♀, CNC]   .

Nontype material. AUSTRALIA: Queensland, Brisbane , 25.x.1953, F.M. Hull [1♂ CNC];..., 24.x.1953,... [1♀, CNC]; Qld, Brisbane, C.F. Ashby [1♂, ANIC];..., 30.vii.1939,... [1♂, ANIC];..., 6.viii.1939,... [1♂, ANIC];...,,... [1♀, ANIC];..., 31.viii.1941,... [2♂, ANIC   ..., 13.ii.1960,... [1♀, ANIC];...,,... [1♀, ANIC];..., 24.viii.1941,... [1♀, ANIC];..., 14 mi SW of Sarina , 8.v.1955, K. R   . Norris [1♂, CNC];..., Mt Glorious, 8.xi.1969, J.K. Guyomar [15♂, ANIC; 1♂, USNM];..., 28.xii.1959, C.F. Ashby [1♂, ANIC];..., 5.i.1963,... [1♂, ANIC];..., 6.xi.1965,... [2♂, ANIC];..., 16.xi.1965,... [2♂, ANIC]; Qld , Bundaberg , viii– iv.1971, H. Frauca [1♂, ANIC]; Qld , Lamington Nat. Park , Coomera River , 1200 ft, 28.v.1966, Z. Liepa [1♂, ANIC]; Qld , Bunya Mountains , 19–21.xi.1967, J. & M. Sedlacek [1♀, BPBM]; Queensland ‘Pres. by E. Brunetti. B.M. 1927– 184’ [1♀, BMNH]; Qld , Mount Nebo , Boombana Knob , 20.iii.1960, C. F. Ashby [2♀, ANIC]; Qld , Samsonvale Cemetery , 8.5 km SSE Dayboro, 8.viii.1998, C.J. Burwell, ex. Ageratum houstonianum, SEQ   : 27°16′S, 152°52′E [1♀, QM]; Qld, Dayboro , 0.5 km S, 18–19.ix.1999, S.G. Evans 50152, SEQ: 27°12′S, 152°49′E [1♀, QM]; Qld, NW Bundaberg,, H. Frauca [1♀, ANIC]; The Blunder, 16.ix.1967, C.F. Ashby [1♂, ANIC]; Australian Capital Territory, Cotter River , 23.xi.1956, S.J. Paramonov [1♀, ANIC]; New South Wales, Tooloom, 26.i.1926 [1♂, ANIC]; NSW, Lindfield, 33.46′S, 151.11′E, 11.vii.1982, M. Stevens [1♂, ANIC]; NSW, 4 m. N of Bateman’s Bay, 14.x.1965, Z. Liepa [1♀, ANIC]; NSW, Kuringai Chase, 8.xi.1967, J. & M. Sedlacek [1♀, BPBM]; NSW, Castle Hill, 17.viii.1911, A. White, B.M. 1917–104 [1♀, BMNH] GoogleMaps   .


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Citrogramma notiale

Mengual, Ximo 2012

Citrogramma notiale Vockeroth, 1969: 95

Thompson FC & Vockeroth JR 1989: 442
Vockeroth JR 1969: 95
Vockeroth JR 1969: 95