Paraehlersia San Martín, 2003, San Martin, 2003

Fukuda, Marcelo Veronesi, Centurión, Romina, Nogueira, João Miguel De Matos & Martín, Guillermo San, 2012, Two new species of Paraehlersia San Martín, 2003 (Polychaeta, Syllidae) from the Atlantic Coast of South America, Zootaxa 3264, pp. 38-52: 39-40

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.280733

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Paraehlersia San Martín, 2003


Genus Paraehlersia San Martín, 2003  

Type species: Ehlersia ferrugina Langerhans, 1881   , designated by San Martín (2003), by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Relatively medium-sized syllids, with 1–2 transverse dorsal rows of cilia per chaetiger. Prostomium with 2 pairs of eyes, 1 pair of anterior eyespots, 3 antennae and 1 pair of basally jointed, usually triangular palps. Peristomium with 2 pairs of long cirri. Antennae, peristomial and anterior dorsal cirri articulated to pseudoarticulated, remaining dorsal cirri smooth; some taxa with antennae and cirri throughout with cirrophores. Anterior parapodia with small, retractile subcirral papilla underneath dorsal cirri. Compound chaetae of two types, dorsalmost spiniger-like chaetae and falcigers with teeth about same size or with distal tooth larger than subdistal tooth on anterior body, subdistal tooth progressively stouter towards posterior body. Aciculae acuminate. Pharyngeal tooth anteriorly located. Reproduction by epigamy (San Martín et al. 2009).

Remarks. Although described as a genus belonging to the Eusyllinae   , in the present paper we follow the new arrangement of the subfamily proposed by Aguado et al. (2011), for the moment considering Paraehlersia   as of uncertain subfamilial affiliation.