Oedichirus electrimontis, Rougemont, 2018

Rougemont, Guillaume de, 2018, New species and records of African and Lemurian Oedichirus ERICHSON (Staphylinidae, Paederinae, Procirrina), Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 447-460: 454-455

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.4004244

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Oedichirus electrimontis


Oedichirus electrimontis   nov.sp. (Figs 9)

♀ Holotype: Madagaskar, Diego Suarez, Mt. d’Ambre, 28-29 X 95, Heiss ♀ Collection Volker Puthz ♀ Rougemont collection ♀ HOLOTYPE Oedichirus electrimontis   des. 2015 G. de Rougemont [CRO].

D e s c r i p t i o n: length: 7.5 mm; length of fore-body: 3.1; length of head: 0.85; breadth of head: 1; length of pronotum: 1.3; breadth of pronotum: 1.07; length of elytron: 0.87; breadth of elytra: 1.07. Body piceous, all appendages uniformly testaceous. Forebody devoid of microsculpture, abdomen entirely microsculptate, the sculpture in the form of transverse striae. Pubescence short, pale, decumbent on elytra and abdomen. Habitus: Fig. 9.

Head only slightly transverse; post-ocular carina salient, ending posteriad in a pronounced dentiform angle removed from posterior margin of eye; puncturation of disc dense, irregular, composed of punctures of varying sizes, not forming discernible patterns. Pronotum rather short, the sides a little rounded to base; lateral margin entirely bordered in the form of a narrow carina mostly visible in dorsal view, and four coarse punctures behind anterior angles; puncturation arranged in a pair of discal series of 6-7 punctures each behind a cluster of 6-7 punctures, lateral series of two punctures, and a number of punctures near anterior and lateral margins. Microptrous, elytra small, humeral angles completely obsolete; anterior half of lateral margins with around five prominent tubercles, surface of disc very uneven, the puncturation dense. Punctures of abdominal tergites dense, disposed randomly, the interstices narrower than diameter of punctures on anterior tergites, the puncturation progressively sparser on following tergites.

Female: vulvar plate: Fig. 9vp

In LECOQ’ s key to the Oedichirus   of Madagascar this species fits near O. vadoni LECOQ   , from eastern Madagascar from which it differs, according to LECOQ’ s description, by its darker colour, more densely punctuate head and more numerous punctures of the discal series of the pronotum.