Chaetonotus sensu stricto Ehrenberg, 1830, Ehrenberg, 1830

Balsamo, Maria, Pierboni, Lara & Grilli, Paolo, 2009, Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on freshwater Gastrotricha, Zootaxa 2158, pp. 1-19: 3

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Chaetonotus sensu stricto Ehrenberg, 1830

sensu stricto

Subgenus Chaetonotus sensu stricto Ehrenberg, 1830   [Kisielewski, 1997]

Kisielewski J. 1997. On the subgeneric division of the Genus Chaetonotus Ehrenberg. Ann. Zool.(Warszawa) 46, p. 147 Type species: Chaetonotus larus (Müller, 1773); original designation as typus generis of the genus Chaetonotus, here maintained as the type-species of the subgenus Chaetonotus (Chaetonotus sensu stricto)

Diagnosis. Chaetonotus   of body length 60–370 µm. Scales one- to three-lobed with at least one, clear, axial keel. Well developed spines arising from the posterior edge of scales. Spines short to very long, without or with 1 (occasionally 2) accessory points. Some spines greatly longer than the others can be present dorsally on the trunk or dorsolaterally at the furcal base. An area covered with scales bearing a short or very short spine or even with no spine is often present dorsally on the posteriormost trunk region. Ventral field cuticular covering different in scale distribution and usually also in scale shape from that of the dorsal body surface. Posterior and often anterior pharynx thickenings marked. Freshwater, brackish-water and marine. Benthic, interstitial and periphytic.