Scaritinae, Bonelli, 1810

Azadbakhsh, Saeed, Mirmoayedi, Alinaghi & Jamali, Samad, 2017, New Faunistic Records of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Southern Iran, The Coleopterists Bulletin 71 (2), pp. 413-418: 414-415

publication ID 10.1649/0010-065X-71.2.413

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Subfamily Scaritinae   Distichus (Distichus) planus (Bonelli, 1813)  

Material Examined. Hormozgan province, Geno env., 16.III. 2016, 330 m, S. Azadbakhsh leg. & det. (1 specimen)   .

Map 1. Map of Iran showing locations of

Hormozgan and Bushehr provinces.

Shoulders angular with small tooth. Base of elytra wider than base of pronotum. Third elytral interval and stria with 4 setiferous punctures; first 2 punctures located on 3 rd stria at middle and 3 rd and 4 th punctures located at apex of 3 rd interstria near 2 nd stria. Elytra covered with microsculptures. Abdominal sternites smooth, with 1 pair of setae ( Fig. 2 View Fig ).

Distribution. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. New country record for Iran.

Biology. The specimens were collected from under stones at the seashore.

Distribution. Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, and West Africa. In Iran, this species was previously reported from Hormozgan province by Azadbakhsh et al. (2015). New province record for Bushehr.

Biology. The specimens were collected by hand from under stones near the bank of a river ( Fig. 4 View Fig ).