Prosthetops nitens (Péringuey, 1892), Peringuey, 1892

Bilton, David T., 2013, Prosthetops wolfbergensis sp. nov. — a giant amongst the ‘ minute moss beetles’, with new data on other members of the genus (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae), Zootaxa 3666 (3), pp. 345-357: 354

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Prosthetops nitens (Péringuey, 1892)


Prosthetops nitens (Péringuey, 1892)  

Has the same restricted geographical range as P. megacephalus   , but apparently more restricted in habitat.

Additional records: 24 /ix/ 2010 Western Cape, Table Mountain, rock pools on central table below Maclear’s Beacon, 1,200 m ( Fig. 11 View FIGURE 11 C)—abundant (adults +?larvae). On Table Mountain adults of this species can co-occur with those of P. megacephalus   , in the same rockpool. In 2010, P. nitens   was found in only ca. 10 % of pools examined, however, whereas P. megacephalus   was found in> 50 %. Whilst megacephalus   occurred across a range of pool types and sizes, nitens   was only present in relatively small pools with a rock/mineral substrate ( Fig. 11 View FIGURE 11 C), and has not been found in other microhabitats.