Uapaca littoralis Denis

Mcpherson, Gordon, 2011, A review of Madagascan Uapaca (Euphorbiaceae s. l.), Adansonia (3) 33 (2), pp. 221-231 : 228-229

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Uapaca littoralis Denis


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Archives de Botanique, Bulletin mensuel, Caen 1: 228


Uapaca betamponensis Leandri, Mémoires de l’Institut scientifique de Madagascar, Série B, Biologie végétale 8: 256 (1957). — Type: Madagascar, Prov. Toamasina, Betampona , Vohimarangitra , 1200 m. alt., 22.I.1945, fr., Cours 2541 (lecto-, P [sheet P00132892 ], here designated).

Uapaca mangorensis Leandri , loc. cit.: 258 (1957). — Type: Madagascar, Prov.Toamasino, Mangorokely, vers Anosibe, district de Moramanga, 19.V .1954 , fr., Service forestier 10340 (holo-, P [sheet P00132903 ]).

Uapaca silvestris Leandri , loc. cit.: 259 (1957). — Type: Madagascar, Prov. Toamasina, massif forestier de Farankaraina, près de Maroantsetra , 20-25 m alt., 24.IX.1954, fr., Service forestier 10838 (not “10858”, as mistakenly published) (lecto-, P [sheet P00539625 ], here designated).

TYPUS. — Madagascar. Domaine de l’Est , Bas Matitana ,

sur la dune littorale, VII.1911, fr., Perrier de la Bâthie

2379 (holo-, P [sheet P00132883]).

REPRESENTATIVE MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Madagascar. Prov. Toamasina, 5-12 km SW of Maroantsetra, 15°30’S, 049°39’E, 10 m, 28.XI.1987, Schatz 1805 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Andrangazaha , 16°52’02”S, 049°40’52”E, 29. I.2004, Rabevohitra 4870 ( MO, P, TEF) GoogleMaps . — Île Sainte Marie, Ampanihy , 16°53’S, 049°55’E, 17. V.1969, Service forestier 28852 ( K, MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Soanierana Ivongo-Ampasimbola , 16°57’23”S, 049°34’04”E, 60 m, 4.VII.1996, Birkinshaw 340 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Tampolo , 17°16’52”S, 049°24’44”E, 10 m, 25.XI.1994, Schatz 3607 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Eod. loc., 17°17’05”S, 049°24’34”E, 0 m, 4.VII.2001, Rabenantoandro 561 ( MO, P, TEF) GoogleMaps . — Zahamena , 17°44’S, 049°00’E, 500-750 m, 15-20.IX.1993, Malcomber 2525 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Prov. Fianarantsoa, Ambahy , 20°47’53”S, 048°28’57”E, 22 m, 16.II.2004, Ludovic 609 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps . — Mahabo , 23°11’13”S, 047°42’27”E, 22 m, 26.VIII.2003, Razakamalala 726 ( MO, P, TEF) GoogleMaps .


Trees 5-20 m tall, stilt roots present; leaf-bearing twigs 2-6 mm in diameter, solid, matte to somewhat glossy. Leaf blades elliptical, obovate or oblong, (4-) 8-16 cm long, (1.4-) 3-6.5 cm wide, base cuneate, often attenuate into the extended pulvinus, apex obtuse, secondary veins (8-)9-12(-18) on each side of the midrib, evident or obscure, tertiary venation non-scalariform, obscure, intersecondaries often visible, margin flat or recurved; petiole 1-5 cm long. Staminate peduncles 5-15(-40) mm long; the flower head 4-6 mm in di- ameter excluding the exserted stamens; stamens 5-6; staminodes present; pistillode sparsely pubescent on distal surface. Pistillate peduncles (0.6-)1.0- 4.8 cm long; calyx 1.5-3 mm high, in fruit 4-8(-11) mm in diameter, pubescent (often glabrescent) or glabrous, usually undulate; fruit 23-27(-30) mm long and red at maturity, rounded apically or pointed, smooth or roughened by lenticel-like eruptions, pubescent at least distally or glabrous.


Eastern forests from near sea level up to 1200 m.


Distinguished by its relatively narrow leaf blades, numerous secondary veins, non-scalariform tertiary venation, often glabrescent pistillate calyx, and large fruit. Most readily mistakable for U. thouarsii , which, however, has leaf blades clearly less than three times as long as wide.


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