Pennella bocconii Lamartiniere, 1798,

Hogans, W. E., 2017, Review of Pennella Oken, 1816 (Copepoda: Pennellidae) with a description of Pennella benzi sp. nov., a parasite of Escolar, Lepidocybium flavobrunneum (Pisces) in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, Zootaxa 4244 (1), pp. 1-38: 15

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Pennella bocconii Lamartiniere, 1798


Pennella bocconii Lamartiniere, 1798 

Not valid. Documented from a single figure only ( Lamartiniere, 1798); no description, no host listed. Probable synonym of P. sagitta  ( Wilson 1917; Walter & Boxshall 2015).