Congocepheus velatus Mahunka 1986

Jordaan, Anine, 2017, Revision of the family Carabodidae (Acari: Oribatida) V (Fifth part). Redescription of Congocepheus latilamellatus Mahunka 1984, with complementary studies of C. ornatus, Mahunka 1983. Descriptions of Tanzaniacepheus gen. nov. and Zimbabwecepheus gen. nov., Zootaxa 4324 (2), pp. 315-330: 322

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Congocepheus velatus Mahunka 1986


Congocepheus velatus Mahunka 1986   :

Material examined. Paratype: Tanzania, W Usambara mts., Matundsi-mashidei ridge at 1300 m alt. 04.02.1985. Sumbmontane rain forest of the rocky Matundsi-Mashindei ridge, SW of Ambangulu Tea Estate. Berlese-funnel sample consisting of mass of fallen epiphytes. Leg.l.PEREGOVITS. The material is deposited in MHNG.  

The description by Mahunka in 1986 corresponds to material studied by the authors. Using the supplied text and figures it was possible to identify C. velatus   without any difficulty, therefore a redescription is unnecessary. Mahunka 1986 stated: “Finally, C. velatus   has 13 pairs of notogastral setae”. The 13 pairs of setae are correctly described and the regression of setae c2 is confirmed. Additional: Prodorsum with presence of p.p.d.


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