Oruza albocostaliata (Packard) The White-Edge,

Pogue, Michael G., 2012, The Aventiinae, Boletobiinae, Eublemminae, Pangraptinae, Phytometrinae, and Scolecocampinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Erebidae) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U. S. A., Zootaxa 3153, pp. 1-31: 7

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.279582

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Oruza albocostaliata (Packard) The White-Edge


1. Oruza albocostaliata (Packard) The White-Edge 

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Identification. Forewing length 9.9–11.2 mm. This species is easily recognizable by the cinnamon-colored forewing with a distinct white band along the costa that continues across the thorax. Antemedial line is white, curved and continues to the posterior margin. Reniform spot is an indistinct area of black scales. Postmedial line is white, slightly sinuate, and continues to posterior margin. Subterminal line consists of a series of somewhat triangular black spots that are between the wing veins and are bordered proximally by a white line. The size and shape of these black spots are somewhat variable. Terminal line consists of a series of tiny, black, triangular spots between the wing veins. Some black scales are randomly scattered over the forewing. Except for the white costa, the hind wing is similar in color and pattern to the forewing. A faint, black discal spot is present and is variable in size, sometimes with only a few scales. Postmedial line from the forewing continues across the entire hind wing. Terminal line in hind wing is the same as forewing.

Flight period. June to July.

Collected localities. North Carolina: Swain Co.: 300 feet above lake on Welch Ridge. Tennessee: Blount Co.: W Foothills Parkway at E end. (3 specimens)

Elevation range. 1001–1720 ft. (305–524 m)

General distribution. This species ranges from Massachusetts to South Carolina, west to Missouri and Texas. It is common in wooded areas of southeastern Ohio.

Larval hosts. Unknown.

MAP 2. Collecting localities of Oruza albocostaliata  .