Abablemma brimleyana (Dyar, 1914),

Pogue, Michael G., 2012, The Aventiinae, Boletobiinae, Eublemminae, Pangraptinae, Phytometrinae, and Scolecocampinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Erebidae) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U. S. A., Zootaxa 3153, pp. 1-31: 22-23

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.279582

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Abablemma brimleyana (Dyar, 1914)


1. Abablemma brimleyana (Dyar, 1914) 

( Figs. 38–39View FIGURES 33 – 55, Map 19)

Identification. Forewing length 7.0– 7.8 mm. Abablemma brimleyana  is a small species with a gray to pale gray forewing with a large black, circular reniform spot. The following description is under magnification. This is a remarkable species as the forewing scales are dark gray to black basally and with a variable amount of white at the apex, which gives the appearance of a finely striated black and white pattern of the forewing. The reniform spot is black margined by a varying amount of gray scales; on the costa above the reniform is an irregular spot of black scales from which a shading of rufous margins the reniform distally; the terminal line consists of a series of fine lines between veins that are contiguous at the costa and anal angle, proximal to this line are spots of silvery gray between veins and the terminal line is bordered by a row of pale yellow scales distally. Hind wing is gray with a fine, black terminal line. Scales of the head and thorax are like the forewing being gray to black with white apices.

Flight period. Mid July.

Collected localities. Tennessee: Blount Co.: W Foothills Parkway at E end. (1 specimen)

Elevation range. 1001 ft. (305m)

General distribution. This is mainly a southern species distributed from Maryland south to Florida and west to Nebraska, Mississippi, and southern and eastern Texas.

Larval hosts. Unknown.

MAP 19. Collecting localities of Abablemma brimleyana  .