Spargaloma sexpunctata Grote,

Pogue, Michael G., 2012, The Aventiinae, Boletobiinae, Eublemminae, Pangraptinae, Phytometrinae, and Scolecocampinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Erebidae) of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U. S. A., Zootaxa 3153, pp. 1-31: 18-19

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.279582

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Spargaloma sexpunctata Grote


3. Spargaloma sexpunctata Grote  Six-spotted Gray

( Figs. 29–30View FIGURES 1 – 32, Map 15)

Identification. Forewing length 12.1–14.1 mm. Spargaloma sexpunctata  has a grayish-brown forewing ground color with a wide, dark brown medial band that has a distinct proximal border and an obscure distal margin; outer margin angulate. Antemedial line is brown, crenulate, and not always distinct; orbicular spot consists of a few black scales; wide, dark brown medial band; reniform spot absent; postmedial line faint, more or less forms the distal margin of the wide medial band, deeply crenulate; subterminal line faint, brown, crenulate, arising from a distinct, dark brown subapical spot on the costa with three irregular-shaped black spots below and a white line that margins the subapical spot and the three black spots distally; terminal line faint, consisting of small gray spots between wing veins. Hind wing grayish brown with a continuation of the medial band and subterminal line of the forewing. Labial palp elongate, approximately 3 X length of head, and frons is bare.

Flight period. Mid May to early August, apparently multiple brooded.

Collected localities. North Carolina: Swain Co.: 0.5 km from mouth of Chambers Creek, 300 feet up hillside on NW side; Oconaluftee Staff Apartments. Tennessee: Blount Co., Tremont. Cocke Co.: Foothills Parkway East; Foothills Parkway; Foothills Parkway south overlook. (8 specimens)

Elevation range. 1390–2400 ft. (424–732 m)

General distribution. Distributed from Nova Scotia, Canada, south to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and west to Nebraska, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Larval hosts. Dogbane ( Apocynum  sp., Apocynaceae  ) ( Covell 1984).

MAP 15. Collecting localities of Spargaloma sexpunctata  .