Grimaldi, David A. & Jones, Lance E., 2020, A Revision of the Drosophila spinipes Species Group (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Zootaxa 4809 (1), pp. 1-28: 24

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Drosophila   sp. D

Figs. 5G View FIGURE 5 , 8G View FIGURE 8 , 10D, 10K View FIGURE 10 , 11K View FIGURE 11 , 12G View FIGURE 12

Specimen: Male , HS-03: “ Togo: Région des Plateaux, Abriwa–Nko, 7°37’18” N, 0° 36’ 13” E, 310 m., Tg 1904, M. v.Tschirnaus, 24.4.2008.” Genitalia dissected by DG; in AMNH GoogleMaps   .

A dissected male with genitalia and some other structures indicating a different species from D. suma   , but the head on the unique specimen has been lost, making it too partial to fully diagnose. Aedeagus apically narrow, with fine scales and central microtrichia/spicules; aedeagus in lateral view significantly thicker than in D. suma   ; subepandrial sclerite π-shaped; profemur particularly short relative to the mid-femur (0.65, vs. ca. 0.80). Measurements: Head [lost]. Thorax: ThL 0.78 mm.; UPS/LHS 0.79; LHS/ThL 0.24; AKE/PKE 0.52; LF1/LF2 0.65.


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