Drosophila phalloserra, Grimaldi & Jones, 2020

Grimaldi, David A. & Jones, Lance E., 2020, A Revision of the Drosophila spinipes Species Group (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Zootaxa 4809 (1), pp. 1-28: 18-21

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Drosophila phalloserra

new species

Drosophila phalloserra   , new species

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LSID urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act:E1E74ED6-FA6F-46A3-9653-07BF1C3A6390

Drosophila (Hirtodrosophila) spinipes: Tsacas, 1990   (misidentification).

Diagnosis: Distinguished best on basis of phallus: rather large, with distinctive pair of opposing dorsomedial rows of coarse, saw-like scales. Apex of abdomen light.

Description: Coloration typical of the group; apex of abdomen in both sexes light. Protarsus: Segment 1 short, ~ 0.80 length of segment 2 (HS-07), each with typical array of 4 fang-shaped spines alternating in size (spine no. 7 only slightly smaller than spine 8). Male terminalia: Surstylus rather long and narrow, with ~13 spine-like prensisetae, increasing in length distad; ventral lobe of epandrium with one short, fine, apical spine-like seta. Hypandrium variable in shape, with anterior margin that is convex to flat or slightly concave; subepandrial sclerite large, with anterior portion the shape of a rounded axe head, posterior arms (articulating with bases of surstyli) V-shaped. Aedeagus + aedeagal apodeme longer than hypandrium. Aedeagus with distiphallus no wider than phallus shaft in dorsoventral view; width in lateral view relatively uniform (not apically bulbous); aedeagus approximately same length as aedeagal apodeme; distiphallus with two opposing rows of ~ 15–20 coarse, saw-like teeth on dorsomedial surface, fine long spicules on medial/inner surfaces. Female: Oviscapt with apex rounded; pegs in dorsal triad and ventral pair slightly larger than ones in ventral series to same sizes; apical notch small, inconspicuous; ventral series with 7–9 pegs. Measurements: Head: HD/HW 0.82 (0.79–0.84); FL/LFW 1.24 (1.16–1.30); VB2/VB1 0.63 (0.58–0.69); EW/ED 0.69 (0.67–0.73); OR2/OR1 0.84 (0.80–0.88); OR3/OR1 1.04 (1.00–1.06); OC/POC 1.67 (1.66–1.70); FW/FD 0.58 (0.55–0.61); ODB/ODA 0.35 (0.32–0.37); Thorax: ThL 0.91 mm. (0.88–0.95); UPS/LHS 0.84 (0.78–0.94); LHS/ThL 0.20 (0.18–0.21); ADC/PDC 0.46 (0.41–0.48); AKE/PKE 0.46 (0.42–0.53); LF1/LF2 0.80 (0.78–0.84).

Holotype: Male , HS-08, “ Kenya, Kakamega Forest, 20–21.XI.1986, A. Freidberg. ” Minuten double-mounted, genitalia dissected by DG; in TAU  

Other Specimens: Paratype male, HS-07 “ Kenya, Kakamega Forest, 11.V.1991, A. Freidberg & Fini Kaplan” minuten-mounted, genitalia dissected by DG, in TAU. Female , HS-11 “ Kenya, Kakamega Forest, 20–21.XI.1986, A. Freidberg,” minuten-mounted, genitalia dissected by DG, in TAU. South Africa (all minuten double-mounted, in KNM): 2 males, HS-31, 32 ( DMSA 140413 View Materials , 021306 View Materials , respectively) “Gillitts, Pinetown district, Natal, S. Africa, B. & P. Stuckenberg, 11.IX.1960 ”/” Drosophila spinipes L. Tsacas   det. 1985” genitalia of HS-31 dissected by L. Tsacas, HS-32 not dissected. 2 females, HS-33, -35 ( DMSA 021305 View Materials , 140412 View Materials , respectively) “St. Heller Est., near Hillcrest, Natal S. Afr. 20 Dec. 1954, B. Stuckenberg ”/” Drosophila spinipes L. Tsacas   det. 1985”, abdomen HS-33 removed by L. Tsacas (not dissected), in microvial; abdomen HS-35 dissected by DG. 1 female HS-34 ( DMSA 021304 View Materials ), “Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 21-XII-1954, B. Stuckenberg ”/”/” Drosophila spinipes L. Tsacas   det. 1985” genitalia not dissected   .

Etymology: In reference to the coarse serrations on the phallus.

Comments: This species appears to be widely distributed in east Africa, though there are large areas between South Africa and Kenya that need sampling. Aedeagi in profile (figs. 12 J-L) have differences in proportions and serration, suggesting that phalloserra   may consist of cryptic species.


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Drosophila phalloserra

Grimaldi, David A. & Jones, Lance E. 2020

Drosophila (Hirtodrosophila) spinipes

: Tsacas 1990