Drosophila hypandrilata, Grimaldi & Jones, 2020

Grimaldi, David A. & Jones, Lance E., 2020, A Revision of the Drosophila spinipes Species Group (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Zootaxa 4809 (1), pp. 1-28: 14

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Drosophila hypandrilata

new species

Drosophila hypandrilata   , new species

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LSID urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act:6A6597B2-981F-4007-B192-37111469B4E7

Diagnosis: Postocellar setae short; anterior portion of hypandrium expanded and curved dorsolaterally, distinctly broader than posterior portion; ventral epandrial lobe with 3 small apical spines; apex of aedeagus narrower than shaft in dorsoventral view, labiate, bulbous and deep in lateral view, bare of scales and spicules.

Description: Coloration typical of group; epandrium (male) and cerci dark. Protarsal spines with standard array of fang-shaped 8 spines, 4 each on tarsomeres 1 and 2. Male genitalia: Ventral lobe of epandrium with 3 small spine-like setae at apex; surstylus with ~14 long prensisetae, including dorsal triad of 3 distinctively large ones; hypandrium uniquely expanded at anterior end, width 1.25x the posterior width.Aedeagus in dorsoventral view narrowed apically, not as wide as shaft; in lateral view thick and bulbous; aedeagus without spines, spicules or scales, completely bare. Female unknown. Measurements: Head: HD/HW 0.82; FL/LFW 1.16; EW/ED 0.66; OR2/OR1 0.92; OR3/OR1 1.14; OC/POC 1.87; FW/FD 0.55; ODB/ODA 0.42; Thorax: ThL 0.85 mm.; UPS/LHS 0.71; AKE/ PKE 0.48; LF1/LF2 0.77.

Holotype: Male, HS38, “Congo Belge [ Democratic Republic of the Congo]: P.N.G., Miss H. De Saeger, II/ fd/17, 9-vi-1951, Réc. H. De Saeger, 1888”. Minuten double-mounted, genitalia dissected by DG. In CNC.  

Other Specimens: Known only from the type specimen.

Etymology: In reference to the distinctive, laterally expanded hypandrium.

Comments: “P.N.G.” on the label appears to refer to Garamba National park, which borders South Sudan. H. De Saeger was an entomologist and secretary of national parks in the Congo, who led many collecting trips and long-term ecological studies in that park. The “II/fd/17” on the label apparently is a code referring to a park location.


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