Phyllodromica subaptera (Rambur, 1838)

Hristov, Georgi H. & Chobanov, Dragan P., 2016, An annotated checklist and key to the Bulgarian cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattodea), Zootaxa 4154 (4), pp. 351-388 : 360

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Phyllodromica subaptera (Rambur, 1838)


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No confirmed data for the occurrence of this species in Bulgaria exists. Based on the remote range of the species we consider the records for this species in Bulgaria erroneous. The distribution range of this species covers the entire Mediterranean region in a strict sense. One female specimen reported by Drenski (1939) from Konyavska Mt. was found in NMNH and referred to Ph. brevipennis .

The data for Aphlebia graeca Br. v. W. (= Phyllodromica graeca (Br. v. W.)) and Aphlebia subaptera Ramb. (= Ph. subaptera ) from Kresna gorge and Strumeshnitsa river , recorded by Drenski (1939) and redetermined by Buresch & Peschev (1957) as Ph . subaptera, are probably based on misidentification and may concern nymphs of Ectobius or Phyllodromica due to the resemblance of adult Ph. subaptera to nymphs of Ectobiinae . Records after Drenski (1939) and Buresch & Peschev (1957) are referring entirely on those publications ( Ramme 1951: 113 (as Hololampra subaptera ); Princis 1971: 1113; Harz & Kaltenbach 1976: 303; Popov et al. 2001: 116). This material was not found in the NMNH collection and thus, the data from the latter localities were not included in the list of localities (see Appendix).

A large part of the materials, collected from Borovets resort (1200 m) by Drenski (1939), was found in NMNH and referred to Ph . brevipennis. Considering the ecological requirements of the species Ph. subaptera , the records from Rila and Golo Bardo Mts. ( Drenski 1939) are possibly also misidentified and thus, the data from these localities were not included in the list.


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