Fainia Zumpt, 1958

Kurahashi, Hiromu & Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H., 2006, The Calliphoridae of Namibia (Diptera: Oestroidea), Zootaxa 1322 (1), pp. 1-131 : 83-84

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.1322.1.1

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Fainia Zumpt, 1958


Genus: Fainia Zumpt, 1958 a: 83.

TYPE SPECIES: Idia albitarsis Macquart, 1846 , by original designation . NOTES: The three described species are restricted to the Afrotropical Region (Pont 1980: 781). Biol­

ogy and immature stages of species of the genus remain unknown, and is not mentioned by

Ferrar (1987).

Fainia albitarsis (Macquart, 1846: 321 (193)) ( Idia ).

Fig. 87 View FIGURES 87–92 .

TYPE LOCALITY: South Africa .

DISTRIBUTION: Widespread East Africa to southern Africa: Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia *, Sierra Leone, South Africa (Cape, Natal), Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

MATERIAL: 1♂, 1♀, Aha Hills at(1): 21–25.xii.1998, Kirk­Spriggs(1), Marais & Mann ( MT).

NOTES: The biology, life history and immature stages remain unknown. Cuthbertson (1933: 106, as Stomatorhina [sic]) and Cuthbertson (1934: 40, as Stomorhina extensa ) record adults as visiting flowers in Zimbabwe. In Namibia only collected in a Malaise trap in December. The single Namibian record is from the ‘arid’ savanna biome in north­eastern Namibia ( Fig. 87 View FIGURES 87–92 ).

Fainia elongata (Bezzi, 1908a: 383) ( Stomatorrhina ).

Fig. 88 View FIGURES 87–92 .

TYPE LOCALITY: Zaïre [= Democratic Republic of Congo] .

DISTRIBUTION: Widespread in Afrotropical Region: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togo and Zimbabwe.

PUBLISHED RECORD: Otjiwarongo [20°45'S, 16°65'E], v.1949. C. Koch (Zumpt 1958a: 88).

KNOWN RECORD: Otjiwarongo dist. [20°45'S, 16°65'E], v.1949. [C.] Koch (NMSA).

MATERIAL: 2♀, Ruacana area, 14.iii.1997, Koch ( MT); 1♀, Xawasha pan, 26.xii.1998, Marais & Kirk­Spriggs(1) (S); 1♀, Aha Hills at(1): 21–25.xii.1998, Kirk­Spriggs(1), Marais & Mann ( MT); 2♀, Trekkersboom, 28.xii.1998, Kirk­Spriggs(1) (S) grasses in wet area; 1♀, Salambala campsite, 22–24.ii.2001, Kirk­Spriggs(1) & Marais ( MT); 1♀, same except: 28–29.xii.2002, Kirk­Spriggs(2) ( HT) fish; 1♀, Somerkoms 521, 6–8.ii.2001, Kirk­Spriggs(1), Marais & Wheeler ( MT).

NOTES: Biology, life history and immature stages unknown. In Namibia collected by sweeping, in Malaise traps and hanging traps baited with rotting fish. Central, north and north­eastern Namibia; apparently restricted to the ‘arid’ and ‘mesic’ savanna biome ( Fig. 88 View FIGURES 87–92 ). Recorded in February, March and December in low numbers (vide Table 2).



Mus. Tinro, Vladyvostok