Charops obtusus obtusus Morley,

Gupta, Ankita, Churi, Paresh V., Sengupta, Ashok & Mhatre, Sarang, 2014, Lycaenidae parasitoids from peninsular India with description of four new species of microgastrine wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) along with new insights on host relationships, Zootaxa 3827 (4), pp. 439-470: 455

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Charops obtusus obtusus Morley


Charops obtusus obtusus Morley  ( Hymenoptera  : Ichneumonidae  )

Plates. X (Figs 35−36); XI (37−41).

Brief diagnosis. Body colour black (Fig. 35). Scape, all coxae and first metasomal tergite black, underside of fore femur with a brownish mark, metasoma largely black. Sixth metasoma 1 a tergite black. Propodeum with distinct median carina. Mid femur blackish in middle.

Host. Tajuria cippus (Fabricius)  ( Lepidoptera  : Lycaenidae  ) on Loranthus  sp.

Material examined. Four females, INDIA, Karnataka, Bangalore, 06.ix. 2012, coll. Ankita Gupta, ex. larva of Tajuria cippus (Fabricius)  ( Lepidoptera  : Lycaenidae  ) on Loranthus  sp., NBAII /Ichn/Char/obt/ 60912.