Prioninae, Latreille, 1802

Maier, Chris T., 2018, Larval Hosts of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera: Parandrinae, Prioninae, Lepturinae, Spondylidinae, Cerambycinae) in Connecticut and Nearby States, The Coleopterists Bulletin 72 (3), pp. 439-456: 441

publication ID 10.1649/0010-065X-72.3.439

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Orthosoma brunneum (Förster)   . CT, New Haven Co., North Branford, 41.33253°, -72.77481°, G: 16. v.2014, E: vii.2014 (2), trunk (dead>5 years), Acer rubrum   L. * ( Sapindaceae   ); North Branford, Site 2, G: 29.iii.2011, E: 17– (3), trunk (cut 11. iv.2007, diam 16–24 cm), Acer saccharum Marshall   *; North Branford, Site 2, G: 31.iii.2011, E: vi.2011 (1), trunk (cut 11.iv.2007, diam 16–25 cm), Quercus alba   L. *; North Branford, Site 2, G: 19.iii.2012, E: vi.2012 (3), trunk (cut 11.iv.2007, diam 14–24 cm), A. saccharum   *.

At the time of adult emergence, the wood of the three new larval hosts had been dead for 4–5 years, which generally agrees with the host age reported by Craighead (1950). Orthosoma brunneum   previously was reared from six plant families, including the Pinaceae   (Linsley and Chemsak 1997; Vlasak and Vlasakova 2002; Vlasak 2014).